Captain America: Civil War


At it’s core, the assignment was to brand the United Nationes within the Marvel Universe. After we established the look and feel, we had to make sure the visuals both matched the narrative of the scene and supplied any additional information the directors were looking to convey. After the animations were complete, we had to composite them into the plates that were supplied by Marvel. Enjoy

My Role: Design and Animation

Visual Effects Company:Sarofsky

Executive Creative Director:Erin Sarofsky

Executive Producer:Steven Anderson

Visual Effects Supervisor:Matthew Crnich

Visual Effects Producer:Sam Clark

Designer:Zach Landua

Compositors:Chris Beers, Jon Jamison

Pipeline:Alex Kline

Smoke Artist:Cory Davis

Visual Effects Editor:Michael Barry

Marvel Studios VFX Supervisor:Dan Deleeuw

Marvel Studios VFX Producer:Jen Underdahl